Sleep like a Rock Star

Sleep like a Rock Star

Sleep like a Rock Star

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sleep like a rock Star

which artist do you want to switch lives with for a day?

Hesselby Slott invited some of Sweden’s most beloved artists who got to tell you how they want  their hotel room. Book one of our artist rooms and a stay with real star quality.

Room 102
Magnus Carlsson
Room 103
Roger Pontare
Room 106
Marie Serneholt
Room 107
Thomas Di Leva
Room 120
Pernilla Wahlgren
Room 123
Room 124
Arja Saijonmaa
Room 128

Our other hotel Rooms


Are you a saxophone guy, an electric guitar chic or a mouth organ-playing folkie? In Orkestern 26 hotel rooms have been decorated taking inspiration from an instrument each from the orchestra.


Trubaduren has 18 Queen size rooms and two suites. The rooms are named and inspired by popular swedish artists.

castle wings

Book a room in the castle wings and get a feel of the castle's history that dates back to the 1650th.